Monday, August 4, 2014

The Experience at Frankenmuth

"I got tagged.  I'm it and I'm a b@#$&."

Those are hard words to utter, but they are true.  The rules are simple: if you're it at the end of the August, you suffer unending ridicule from your UK Swimming teammates until SwimTag restarts in February.  That's a long time to be a b@#$%.

Justin Max drove five hours from Columbus to Frankenmuth on Saturday morning to transfer his bitchdom onto me.  The one redeeming quality of that SOB is that he at least waited until the race was over to do his evil deed.  Video evidence is below.  Now it is up to me to b@#$%ify another before 11:59:59 on August 31.  My target has been chosen, as has the time I will strike.

Despite the b@#$%ifaction that occurred in Frankenmuth, the trip was still a pretty great experience.  Between taking my first trip to Michigan (how have I never been to Michigan?) a generous homestay with fellow pros Brooks Cowan and James Thorpe, seeing the cool little town of Frankenmuth, a picturesque swim course in a calm river with overhung covered bridges, a bike through farmland with accordion players in leiderhosen on street corners, a run through little Bavaria, and a victory against guys I'd never beaten before, it was a pretty awesome trip.  Paychecks are nice, too.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Dude

I need to thank this dude for a homestay this weekend!

Brooks Cowan, the sexy SOB pictured above, has done me a tremendous favor and offered up his home as a homestay this weekend while we both chase some prize money at The Experience @ Frankenmuth in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Thanks, brother.  I hope I can return the favor some day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Challenge New Albany Wrap-Up

My dabble into the world of long course triathlon had some mixed results.  Much like my short course races, I found I can swim and ride at the level of race winners, even to the point where I was in a podium position at Mile 8 of the run.  But, the run itself is still presenting challenges.  Couple that with cramping and, likely, too few calories and you can imagine that I took a long ride on the Struggle Bus to the finish line for 7th Place.

Below are some bigger triathlon media I was mentioned in post race as well as some photos taken by my girlfriend and her father at the race.