Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Splash 'N' Dash and OWS Clinic #2

Volunteering at the Kids' Splash 'N' Dash was a hell of a lot of fun, in spite of the gray, rainy weather.  There were some seriously good athletes in the race (and some kids that are probably really good at video games) that were pretty impressive to watch.  I got to meet quite a few after the race.  Congrats to Sam Dick for putting on such a great race for kids and getting kids interested in triathlon.

In spite of fairer weather, I had a smaller crowd at my second open water clinic.  Those that had the balls to show up were put through the ringer.  After a bit of a warm up and some easy sighting and drafting practice, I put them through a number of fast, race-paced simulations where accurate sighting, tight turning, and drafting became crucial.  There is no better test of skill retention than races.  Let's just say that the group still has more to learn...

There will be only one more organized group clinic this summer at Mallard Point!  Monday, 7/28/14, 7PM at the Boat Ramp.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Coming Up This Week!

A couple big things are on the calendar for this week!

July 19, 2014  Lexington USAT Splash 'n' Dash at Shillito Park
     -I'll be volunteering at the 11-15yo run turnaround!

July 21, 2014  Mid-Summer Open Water Clinic #2 @ Mallard Point
     -I had a great turnout at the first clinic last week and covered a lot of material.  Most everyone walked away much more comfortable swimming in close proximity to each other and became much more aggressive and assertive.
     -This clinic will review much of the material covered in the first clinic to help catch-up any newcomers and then we will build on those skills.

July 27, 2014 RACE Challenge New Albany
     -This will be my first professional half-iron distance race.  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to make some boys hurt for twice as long as usual.

Defiance, Decatur Double

There has been a lot of media from my two wins this past weekend in Defiance, OH and Decatur, IL.  Check it out!

7/12/14 Defiance, OH  



A great sponsor, SWORD Hydration, also put out the below post following the race.  Thanks, guys!